Scentsy Workstation Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Scentsy Workstation Login:

Logging into your Scentsy Workstation:

1. The first step to a successful login is visiting the right page. The page to go to is: This page is pretty simple and direct, as you can see.
2. Enter in your Consultant ID in the top of the login information area.
3. The next step is to type your password into the password section.
4. A brownish-tan colored button sits near the bottom of the page, and it says "sign in" on it. Click on this button to complete the login process. Pretty simple huh? Well, there are still many ways you could have trouble with this process. If the problem that you had was with your password, go ahead and move to the set of instructions below to learn about how to reset your Sentsy Workstation login password.


Reset your Scentsy Workstation Password:

1. To get your password reset, go ahead and visit the same link from step one above. The help you need is on this page.
2. There's a sort of sad looking brown link that says "I forgot my password" in small letters under the login boxes. Click on this link.
3. This page is pretty simple to deal with. All you need to do is type your registered email into the only open text field you can see. 
4. After you have entered in your email, press the "continue" button. What will happen now, is you will be sent a password reset email to the address you entered. It may take a few minutes to get the email, but when you do get it, visit the links and follow the instructions contained in that email, and you should be able to log into your workstation in no time. If you don't see the email within fifteen minutes, check through all your folders (including your spam folder) in your email account. Do this to make sure that you do have the email before requesting a new one.

How to Contact Scentsy:

1. Mail Headquarters: Scentsy
2701 E. Pine Ave.Meridian, ID 83642
2. Phone: 208-472-0800
Toll Free: 877-895-4160
3. Fax: 208-888-4306
4. Email: "Scentsy Family Consultants who require assistance or support of any kind should contact Consultant Support at  or by calling 1-877-855-0617."